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Change Is Good (Sometimes)


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I think people are naturally fearful of change. Change is scary. Change is different. Change takes us out of our comfort zones and puts us directly in the path of what could be total failure. Who needs THAT in their lives? Well, we all do at some point.

I am a creature of habit. Routines have always been the way I coped with my life. Once I find something I like, I tend to never let it go because the next thing could be worse. Which is why when I decided to pack up and move to Cambodia, the unfamiliar was the hardest part for me. What about my favorite TV shows? What about my favorite foods? What about my awesome Xbox One?!? HOW CAN YOU ExPECT ME TO LIVE WITHOUT THEm?!?

Yeah, sometimes my brain is a drama queen. But the fact is, all that change has been the best thing to happen to me. I don’t even own a television anymore, I have found new favorite foods and tastes, and I spend too much time out and about to worry about playing video games (although there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing). The changes I feared at first have become a new lifestyle. I even walk everywhere most of the time. No way am I doing that when it’s minus 1,000 degrees and everything is so far away!

I still have routines, but they’re not set in stone like they were before. I often go off track on the way to somewhere just because I see something that looks cool. But I use the same laundry lady every week and my new favorite restaurant is right next door, which is handy. But I no longer use those things out of force of habit. If I’m hungry, I’ll try a noodle stand or a new place to eat. If I’m tired, I’ll spend a couple bucks on a tuk tuk ride. And you know what? Nothing catastrophic has happened!

I think we believe the world will descend into chaos if we try new things and leave habits behind. But it won’t. Embracing the unexpected and getting excited about a new adventure keeps your mind engaged and your heart open to new things. And, sometimes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find on the other side.

Thanks for reading! Until next time…..


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