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First of all, let’s talk about the cat in the picture. This was taken by me while I was walking around my city of Siem Reap, Cambodia. I was walking, minding my own business. Out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy. He’s just sitting….staring at me….surely thinking about world domination.

He never moved nor made a sound. Even when I got my phone out to snap the picture, he never once moved. It is, by far, the creepiest thing I have seen a cat do (or, I guess, NOT do). Did he want to be friends? Did he want to rip the flesh off my face in an angry frenzy of kitty rage? I don’t know. The lesson is: CATS ARE CREEPY!

Since I’ve been living here, I’ve had the best times ever. The people are friendly, the food is AMAZING, and the sights and sounds are far more entertaining than any TV show. I prefer to walk around rather than take a tuk tuk. It’s mainly because you miss so much detail and nuance when you’re driving by an area. I’ve eaten at some awesome restaurants and met some great people all because I decided I’d rather use my legs than wheels. Although if I could ever replace my legs with wheels, I’d sign up in an instant!


It’s kind of funny being here and seeing all manner of foreigners. I have yet to meet another American. I know they’re here in abundance, but so far I’ve met people from the Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. But no Americans! That’s not a complaint, mind you, because the folks I HAVE met are humanity’s finest. Or at least not humanity’s worst. Good enough for me!


I’m slowly getting a feel for this place and it suits me. Although it is hard to just not get felt down by Pub Street. That kind of “feel” will call you “Hansum man” and cost you food money for the week. Don’t fall for it, kids. Save your money. And if temptation is too much for you to handle, at least share with me. Boom Boom price goes down for two. Or so I’ve heard…..

Be sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and like my videos. You get to see Siem Reap through my eyes. Warts, mistakes and all.

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